Who is Oud Be Good

We trade oud products from all over the world. Every product that we sell is carefully selected down to
every single oud chip to ensure that you get the best quality from its range. We source our products
straight from the farm or factory to make it affordable to all.

How are we different?

At Oud Be Good, we sell good quality oud products (each in its own range) for everyone, from the
beginners right up to the connoisseurs. We can do business at personal level to make the process as
easy as possible. Contact AbdulQader (Tel: +6 011390 83684) for more information.

The Founder

AbdulQader Alhaddad was born and raised in Saudi Arabia. Residing in Malaysia since 2009 to pursue his degree, he is now focusing on developing the Oud Be Good company. The Company operates in  Kuala Lumpur as most oud products originates from the Nusantara region, so you can be assured of it’s authenticity.


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